Once a Yogi..!!

It’s been almost nine months since I have been practicing yoga, the decision to join a yoga studio was very random. I moved to a new country and while I was on my exploration stage of looking out for adventurous ventures, I came across a silent yoga studio across the bus stand I boarded my bus from, their was something in the name of the studio rather than the yoga part itself, it read “You Yoga Me Yoga and more”, I guess I wanted to visit it for the “more” part but somehow the whole story changed.

I was soon attending the yoga classes, the owner of the studio and the very welcoming and affable Yogi Andrea , sooner turned into a friend, she was my first friend in this new country. I was overwhelmed by her yoga mannerisms, she knows more about Yoga than any experienced Indian Yogi would know.

I was some how hooked to the studio, the peaceful room, the silent decor, the studio has a personality of its own, the events she does for engaging her clients were just so heart pleasing that one could not resist from keep going back to the place.

I am now a Yogi and I take much pride in becoming one, Yoga has changed me as a person, more than helping me in appreciating my own self, it has made me flexible not only physically but also in my thoughts, I am now more open in thoughts, feelings, understanding people. Yoga change the way you look at things, I am now less judgmental and my husband can vouch for that 😉

Today is the anniversary of the studio which changed my life, today is the anniversary of the smile which Andrea bought on so many peoples faces, today is the anniversary of her dreams which she once thought were not achievable.

I pray for Andrea and the studio and wish her all the success.

Once a Yogi….always a Yogi 🙂


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