To be one with the nature..!!

Living in America is a dream come true for me.I always wanted to stay in a different country, I have felt the happiness of walking down the unknown streets, meeting complete strangers and living a life of a traveler settled in an unknown space. That very feeling is what I am living right now.

I love my life, it’s exactly the way I wanted it to be. After spending an year and a half in Atlanta I have realized that this city is extremely blissful, it has that freshness, the warm touch , the simplicity , amazing people and a beauty which cannot be mentioned in words.

This weekend we decided to visit the Morgan falls, I have been to Morgan falls before as well but this time around it felt different, may be because I was observing it for the first time, may be it was just more beautiful than ever before or may be it’s that time of the year when everything you see gives happiness.

The park is for all, everyone can enjoy there, there were rides with happy faces of young kids on them, there were porch swings overlooking the lake Chattahoochee, huge picnic pavilion , the fishing pier, the walking trails around the lake. A place for silent romance,  a sight for the photographers, infact we witnessed
a couple of photo shoots happening around the place. It’s a place to relax, to walk on the soft grass, to disconnect for a while or just be there to catch a beautiful sunset.

The kid in me felt alive after so long as we played some games from the childhood days. Morgan falls is a place to relive the childhood, to de-stress, to be in and with the nature, to calm your senses and to feel the magic of the scenic beauty around. If you are feeling a little low and want a break, just drive down to the Morgan falls, sit down on any of the porch swings and you will be relaxed in no time as the nature would have done its bit for you.

Every now and then, we all need to unchain ourselves form the daily routine to feel the music of mother nature, to let the child in us come out.


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